Subrata Mandal (since 2021)

Philip Koblischek (since 2022)

PhD students

Novita Sinambela (since 2020)

Amir Abbas (since 2020)

Julian Bösking (since 2020)

Roland E. P. Nau (since 2021)

Ingrid Merker (since 2022)

Sidra Akhter (since 2023)

Marco Leal e Lima (since 2023)


Hannah Voßhenrich (Hiwi and Bachelor thesis, since 2022)

Akash Deshpande (Hiwi student since 2022)

Matthias Baur (Master thesis since 2023)

Lars Dominik Kapp (Bachelor thesis and Hiwi, 2023)

Nathaniel Ritz (DAAD-RISE student 2023)


Tom Hensinger (Hiwi student in 2022-2023)

Luca Pallini (Hiwi student in 2022)

Martha Spitzl (Hiwi student in 2021)

Pannwitz group 2022 (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)

Pannwitz group 2021

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andrea Pannwitz
Photo by Elvira Eberhardt

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andrea Pannwitz

Since 2020        Research group leader and W1-Juniorprofessor for Inorganic Chemistry and Energy Conversion at Ulm University, Germany

2017 – 2020      Postdoc at Leiden University, The Netherlands with Dr. Sylvestre Bonnet

2013 – 2017      PhD in Chemistry at University of Basel, Switzerland with Prof. Oliver Wenger

2007 – 2013      M.Sc. + B.Sc. in Chemistry at Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany

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